TV and Video Journalism

Week 1: Critical Reflection and introduction to Mojo Kits

In the first lecture, we were asked to shoot a short interview. This was an introduction to using the equipment, and getting to grips with different camera angles. We also looked at the rule of thirds and to keep in mind this concept when shooting any interviews.


When filming the interview I chose a mid-shot with the interviewee slightly to the right of the lens and greenery in the background to set the scene and make it more aesthetically pleasing for the audience. The feedback on what went well was that, the overall lighting was clear and the picture was not over exposed. However, next time it would be better to make sure there is more lighting on the interviewees face and that they are not in shadow. It was difficult to film under bright light, so it is essential to bear in mind the position of the sun, as this could spoil the interview.

In future, I will make sure that I show more of what is happening in the background to add depth of field and create an environment. Occasionally, the interviewee looked directly at camera and so it is important to get them to talk to the side of it to create a more natural response.


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