TV and Video Journalism

Week 3: Sequences, Cutaways and Overlay Shots

In the lecture we looked at the effectiveness of sequencing and the variety of shots like cutaways, overlay and jump cuts available to use in an interview to give it energy and give it more contrast for the audience. Another key part of an interview is continuity throughout especially when filming cutaways.


The interview I filmed was clear and framed well. I took on board the feedback from last week and made sure that I had the interviewee talking to the side of the lens however, I need to make sure I am eye level with the person rather than them looking up at me. The sequence shots were a variety of sizes but during the editing I put them individually rather than as a sequence which I shouldn’t have done because its not as effective as three simultaneous shots.

The feedback the lecturer gave me was that on the close up shots, the framing needs to have 1/3 head and 2/3 scene to make it fit with the other shots. In future, I have to watch out for jump cuts that break the continuity and use cutaways to avoid this happening.


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