TV and Video Journalism

Week 4: Transitions and Voice Over to make a Package

For this weeks session, we were shooting an interview alongside cutaway shots and setting shots while leaving gaps to input a voice over, this overall creates a package interview. Also, looking at transition shots and making them flow. This can be done in a number of ways, by making sure the interviewee hands or body to leave the shot, having cutaways very similar to the interview shot or adding a point of view.

The lecturer introduced a grid to plan our shots. In the interview I shot, there was lots of variety in shots which had lots of movement as well as atmos. I thought that the interview was clear, in focus and framed correctly. The improvements I need to make are, building my sequences as some of the shots are individual and would work better consecutively grouped with similar content shots. My feedback said that I need to show faces more as the audience prefer watching this, as well as watching movement during close up shots.


In future, I need to work on getting more of a balance between scenic shots and close ups of objects, like too many hand shots because this was disproportionate. I should avoid this, as they don’t give the audience much knowledge or show them enough content of people.



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