TV and Video Journalism

Week 5: Editing I using Premier Pro

In the lecture today, we had our first session on editing using Premier Pro. We were given interview clips about Graffiti that we had to edit on a timeline and use a news format to input over the interview.


To start with, we had to put the interview in order using the script, then we had to take the scenic shots of Graffiti and overlay them over the commentary and fit them either side of the points to camera. Although to start with I found it difficult to find the tools, after getting used to the software, I was able to edit the footage.

We added a news bulletin with the reporters name so that we can use these techniques for a TV broadcast. My feedback was that I understood the basics of editing and I feel that it went well because I changed the audio levels and fade and I learnt editing techniques that I have never tried before. I should have put the cutaway shots in a different order as this would have worked better as it was a bit jumbled. Next time, I need to practise putting the green screen name over the point to camera as I found it hard to do.



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