TV and Video Journalism

Week 6: Editing workshop II

In the lecture we used Premier Pro to make a package to music with images and text. I chose to do mine about the upcoming UoG media festival. We had to find images and edit them in Photoshop collating them and scaling them to the size 1920 x 1080 and making them HD.


We found audio to fit in the background, I used a ukulele upbeat track from and imported the audio and images on the timeline. Reflecting on what went well, I think I was able to learn how to change the images to JPEG format and resize them correctly even though I had never used the software before. To start with, I was slow because of the task involving technical elements and I need to improve on this. I will need to practice as I feel like I will struggle to recall some of the steps but this will come the more I use it.

My feedback was that I was on time with the completion of the task and worked well. I was able to add an ‘M’ marker in the audio, this signals the beat and can more effectively transition the images and texts from one to the next. But I wasn’t able to put in the extra elements with the text like fade, zoom and movement because of time constraints, so I will need to make sure I understand and include this in future.


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