Students at Gloucestershire University angered by tuition fee increase as they rise to £9250: Are you aware of the changes?

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Tuition fees are due to rise again for students from the current £9000 per year. A change in legislation has allowed universities to start charging an extra £250.

The increase will affect not just future students but those already at University. Most are unaware that they have signed a contract with a clause that allows Universities to start charging tuition fees with the rate of inflation. Although they are “capped at RPI + 2% subject” according to the tuition fee and bursary policy, they could rise by as much as £1000 over the next four years.

Student Union President, Raphaella Ward is lobbying against the changes she says: “It is vital that students are fully aware of the costs of their experience and are able to engage fully in their student experience to enable them to gain rounded competencies to support them in the graduate recruitment market”.


Student survey about the increase



A recent survey conducted by the Students Union at the University of Gloucestershire found that “64% of students knew nothing about the increase”. A film student says: “I was unaware prices could rise for first years and it worries me”.

Due to the nature of how you sign the agreement, a huge proportion of students are unaware that this clause even exists in the terms and conditions. By ticking a box during the enrolment process along with the unclear language in the document, puts doubt over whether students knew about this in the agreement.

Gloucestershire University advertising the increased fee of £9,250

Emily Andrews, education officer at Gloucestershire University says: “I’m not happy with it. We don’t see the plans at the moment for students getting that value for money and we are lobbying for the fee to stay the same”.

Students  have expressed their anger at the lack of information available. The loan will cover the new rate, but students deserve to be better informed from the start about how much they will be charged.

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