With Easter weekend approaching it seems only fitting to take a look at some of the classic Easter treats that can make your Easter weekend that extra bit special. But did you know these facts about these celebrated treats…

1. Chocolate eggs

 Image result for chocolate easter egg

Yep don’t deny it we all love these cheeky chocolate treasures. They come from the painting of chicken eggs. Staining them red symbolised the blood of Christ and the eggs the empty tomb of Jesus.  Easter eggs are a definite winner (just put that diet on hold till Tuesday).

2. Easter egg hunt

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 You can’t deny that no matter how old you are the good old Easter egg hunt has its charm. Originally, coloured eggs were hidden for children to find but recently have been substituted for chocolate eggs. So its chocoholics time to celebrate! It’s an excuse to binge eat on sugary egg- cellence.

3. Easter biscuits


Now you either love or hate them but these biscuits had to make the list. Traditionally a British cuisine the Easter biscuit originates from the West Country would you believe. So you gotta have these with your cup of tea on Sunday afternoon. Although trust us to add currants to them.

4. Hot Cross Bun

 These spiced buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday to mark the end of lent. Because of their popularity they are now available all year round. These yummy treats originate from the UK and also have currants in (why do we add currants to everything).  If you want chocolate chips instead of currants Australia and New Zealand know where it’s at with a chocolate version of the bun!

5. Simnel Cake

Not actually having heard of this cake before, this fruit cake was made to be eaten on the middle Sunday of lent. With its two layers of marzipan Simnel, meaning the ‘finest white bread’ has become well known. This is a must have cake especially for fruit cake lovers out there (and yes originating from the UK, they of course contain currants).

6. Easter Bunny


Not much is known about why we have the Easter bunny. It was actually a German tradition where a hare decided if children have been good or naughty at the beginning of the Easter season. Hares are a medieval figure so linked to the Virgin Mary as they can reproduce without mating.

7. Lent

For many of us the first thought that comes into our minds is…. Pancakes! But did you know that the reason we have them is to replicate the fasting for forty days that Jesus did and the journey he made into the desert.

8. Have you ever wondered why Easter dates change yearly?


Easter is a moveable celebration to correlate with the Jewish Passover. The Jewish calendar is based on solar and lunar cycles so dates can be moved. The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ happened after this time, so Easter falls on different days according to the Passover.


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