Anti –Trump protesters gather in Cheltenham to make a stand: “No hate, no fear, Donald Trump not wanted here”


Protestors at the Promenade in Cheltenham


Hundreds of people gathered on the Promenade in Cheltenham to protest the ‘Muslim Ban’ which is being enforced by US President Donald Trump.

The controversial ban is being imposed on seven countries Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

Despite there being little promotion of the event beforehand, people braved the chilly weather with their placards to speak out against the immigration change.

Former Cheltenham MP, Martin Horwood led the crowd into a chant of: “No hate, no fear, Donald Trump not wanted here”. He said: “Keep spreading tolerance, openness and inclusion and fighting the politics of fear and hate”.

He encouraged people to join a campaign group saying “it will be great to see this kind of spirit continue” as well as to keep spreading the message on social media.

Protestor, Tristen Middleton says: “I was moved by watching videos in America and feel I have a duty to stand up for humanity. There is more than one view and that there are people who do care. We should not be excluding people in anyway.”


Crowds of people gather to oppose the ban


Members of Pride were also out across the UK to show their unity. Jason Potterpeachy, a Director for UK pride says: “We are all coming out in solidarity. Basically what is going on in America is fundamentally wrong.”

Becca Richardson, County hate crime coordinator says: “A lot of people ask why it’s necessary in Cheltenham? It is relevant locally because people in your community who are Muslim, are being targeted. Its really encouraging that hundreds of people have come out tonight to say not in our name, not in our neighbourhood because we stand together.”

Protests continue to take place across the UK, with hope that voices will be heard and the ban will be removed.